Advisory Board

We are honored to have the support of our expert panel. Please meet our Zooga Advisory Board.


Crystal D’Angora, Yoga Therapist

My work as a Marriage and Family therapist hinges on my experiential faith in the healing capacity of an integrated body and mind. My work utilizes Somatics, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and mindfulness based psychotherapy to help patients heal from the emotional distress associated with disturbing life experiences. My work with clients is rooted in years of experience as a yoga and meditation practitioner and instructor, trauma training, and use of creative expression to maximize healing and growth. I am committed to guiding clients toward lifestyle choices that promote joy and resilience.


Dr. Carrie King, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I am a clinical psychologist who works with children, adolescents, and parents. My clinical work includes individual psychotherapy, group therapy, and neuropsychological and educational evaluations. I am particularly interested in working with children, adolescents, and their families on developing healthy relationships with self, family, peers, and school.
I consider each individual as a component of a larger family system and each family system as a member of even larger school and community systems. Therefore, I value the insights of parents and teachers and I keep in mind that healthy communication between people and systems feeds emotional well-being, relationship success, and academic achievement.
My work with children and teens is informed by my belief that strong people are built on the shoulders of the people who surround and support them. Therefore, I teach children and their families about the connection between what happens to us, how we think about and interpret events, how we feel, and how we behave. I also value teaching families techniques for healthy and effective communication.


Megan Harvey, 500-RYT, and Zooga’s Creative Director

I am a certified Iyengar and 500RYT yoga teacher. I have also completed trainings for teaching children’s yoga, mindfulness and yoga for kids, and a mentorship under a senior kids yoga teacher. My years teaching kids have shown me the power of the yoga practice to improve body awareness, strength and coordination, build confidence, and develop the ability to focus and relax. As the Creative Director of kids yoga at Zooga,

I am passionate about bringing the goodness of yoga to people of all ages to bring more health, happiness, and calmness to their lives.







Todd Deutsch, LMFT and Zooga’s TikeTalk Co-Host

I am a licensed psychotherapist, marriage counselor, life coach, educator, mentor, former athlete and loving father & husband in Los Angeles. I work with both adults and children struggling with a diversity of issues. What I believe distinguishes myself from my peers is my unique “life and relational dynamics” approach to treatment. I like to focus on each individual’s coping and management skills in dealing with life transitions and relationships.

Through identifying and exploring the issues that surface for each client, I find success in helping my clients find happiness and fulfillment.


Arlynn D. King, Educational Specialist

I am an educator. That identity informs my activities and priorities. My work as a teacher for 37 years provided me with an avenue to enhance the lives of children and their families. My current work, writing curriculum and helping develop competent teachers, gives me the opportunity to continue to affect the educational growth of adults and children.

I believe there is nothing more important in the development of children than helping them feel confident, capable, and caring.