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Pose of the Week!

This week’s pose is Scorpion! This pose proves to be helpful in strengthening your arms, stretching and loosening the muscles of the back spine and nourishing the pituitary glands. Step 1: start in child’s pose and focus on your breath Step 2: Come onto downward dog and drop your forearms onto the floors. Step 3:… read more

Zooga Kids Nite Out!

Bring your kids to Zooga this Saturday night for Kids Nite Out! Click here to reserve your spot for a fun night of yoga, crafts, games, dinner and a movie!… read more

Pose of the Week: Modified Boat Pose

Modified Boat Pose! This week’s pose is one of the most well-known yoga poses focusing on core strength. Boat pose tones the abdominal muscles while strengthening the lower back. This pose is great for stimulating your kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands and improving balance, digestion, coordination and confidence! Step 1: Start by sitting on the… read more

Zooga Yoga Camp! We Still Have Space!

Come on an adventure with us this August at Zooga Summer Camp! Each day will be dedicated to a different country/city. Campers will earn stamps in their passport for each adventure! We still have space in BOTH weeks of camp! To sign up visit our website here.… read more

Teacher Spotlight of the Month

This month’s teacher spotlight goes to Lauri! Teacher Lauri truly knows how to create a fun and engaged environment for our kids here at Zooga. Not only does she have a passion for teaching kids, she’s also an amazing mother of two boys! Catch her teaching our Sing and Sign Fun class on Tuesdays!… read more

Zooga Summer Camp Daily Activities & Adventures!

Welcome to Zooga Camp 2016!! We’re so excited to announce our Daily Activities & Adventures for Week 1 of this year’s camp! We’ll be announcing Week 2 soon but get ready to go on an adventure around the world this summer! We provide your very own Zooga Passport and head out to Alaska, Jamaica, the… read more

Zooga Yoga studio ranks Best of Culver City

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Zooga Yoga Receives 2016 Best of Culver City Award Culver City Award Program Honors the Achievement CULVER CITY June 10, 2016 — Zooga Yoga has been selected for the 2016 Best of Culver City Award in the Yoga Studio category by the Culver City Award Program. Each year, the Culver… read more