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June Teacher Spotlight!

This month’s Teacher Spotlight is Miss Lizzie! We are so sad to say that she is leaving us this month to move to her hometown in New York. You may have seen her behind the desk or assisting at Kids Nite Out. She’s been our amazing Assistant Manager and we will miss her so much!… read more

Pose of the Week!

Mountain Pose! One of the most important poses in Yoga. Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, is the starting point for all standing poses and the foundation of any practice. But don’t be fooled by how easy it is! It’s a great place to come back to on the mat to refocus and re-engage with your breath.… read more

Pose of the Week!

Downward Facing Dog! We’ve been doing these Poses of the Week for a little while now and it just occurred to us that we haven’t done Down Dog yet! As far as yoga goes, this one’s a biggie and it’s well known throughout the world. We love it because it strengthens the entire body, lengthens… read more

Pose of the Week!

Lizard on a Rock! This is a signature favorite in a wide range of our classes. Whether you have 2 kids or a big group at a party it’s the perfect pose to buddy up and try at home! Follow these steps to see how it’s done: Step 1: Yogi 1 will come to a… read more

Pose of the Week!

Summer’s almost here! Let’s leap into our favorite season together with FROG POSE! We love to come to this pose and simply breathe. It’s great for your hips and super easy! Step 1. Stand with your hands feet hip distance apart. Turn your toes out like a ballerina! Step 2. Take a deep breath in… read more

ZOOGA CAMP Aug. 1-12, 2016 | 9-3pm

Join our super fun and “chill-axing” Zooga Camps, where you child will explore around the world a daily themed-adventure, learn new yoga poses, practicing mindfulness, breathing and more! AGES 2.5-12 $65 day | $300 week… read more

Pose of the Week!

It’s HAPPY BABY POSE! Ok, we’re cheating a little bit with this photo but we couldn’t help express how much we love this pose! It’s so beneficial for the lower back and a great way to get a quick stretch in for the hamstrings, hips and spine. It’s one of the best poses you can… read more

May Teacher Spotlight!

Meet Teacher Casey! Meet Teacher Casey! Her amazing energy in class and her excitement to learn all things yoga made her our Teacher Spotlight choice this month. You might’ve seen her teaching Miss Megan’s classes this week but here’s a Miss Casey Fun-Fact!: She’s been a professional dancer who started in New York and has… read more

Pose of the Week!

Monkey Pose! We thought we’d get silly this week with Monkey Pose. This is a GREAT pose for building strength for the entire body. Don’t monkey around too much in this pose and you’ll also build something even more important – focus and concentration. Step 1. Start on your knees with your arms loose at… read more

Zooga @ The Great Big Family Play Day!

We are so excited to go to the @3rd Annual SoCalMoms Great Big Family Play Day family festival and expo, taking place on May 22nd at @TheAutry in Griffith Park. ┬áThis is @SoCalMoms biggest event of the year and one you do not want to miss. ┬áThis year features a full day of live on… read more