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Mommy&Me Pose of the Week!

It’s Mother’s Day this week! We’re celebrating our moms (and all the loving women in our lives) this week with Mommy&Me Airplane Pose! This is a gentle pose for both you and your little one. It’s safe on your lower back, promotes healthy digestion, and most importantly this pose is great for maintaining a strong… read more

Pose of the Week!

This week’s Pose of the Week is DANCER POSE! Our super amazing dance teacher, Caitlin, helped us out this week with this beautiful and graceful pose. She wants everyone to know that this pose is tricky and if you lose your balance, don’t worry! Just start over and try again! Step 1. Stand up tall… read more

Pose of the EARTH Week!

Pose of the EARTH Week is TREE POSE! We’re celebrating our beautiful planet this week by revisiting Tree Pose. We love this pose because it builds strength and we always have a blast practicing it in class but it’s also named after some very important things us and Earth need to survive — trees! They… read more

Pose of the Week!

OPEN HEART POSE! This week we’re focusing on gratitude and love. We chose Open Heart Pose (shown here with our Teacher Trainers partnered up!) because we want to share our appreciation for all the support we receive every single day from our clients! We couldn’t do it without your ideas, feedback and love. Open your… read more

Happy International Kids Yoga Day!

Happy International Kids Yoga Day! We are so excited to share this amazing day with you! Finding mindfulness, patience and inner strength during childhood is so important for our overall happiness and well being. Check out our Poses of the Week on our blog to try yoga at home with your little ones!… read more

Pose of the Week!

Child’s Pose! Comfort and calm are necessities we all sometimes forget we need. We wanted to share this pose this week to remind us all that there’s always room for a little comfort. Take this pose whenever you’re feeling nervous or before bedtime to settle down for the night. Some of it’s many benefits include… read more

April Teacher Spotlight!

Meet Heather: Studio Manager and KNO/Camp extaordinaire! She’s been with us since Day 1 and we couldn’t be where we are today without her. Her love for children and continued dedication to Zooga makes us proud to feature her in this month’s spotlight! Find her behind the desk at the studio, running our bi-monthly Kids… read more

Zooga Yoga Pose of the Week!

Pose of the Week! Need some time to chill out? Well then this is the pose for you! This week we’re relaxing in Waterfall Pose. This pose relieves tired, overworked legs and feet, it can help regulate blood pressure and improve digestion. It gives you and your little one the benefits of an inversion without… read more

Zooga Spring Camp! April 4-8

Ages 2.5-12 yrs | 9am-3pm *still space! Join our unique Zooga Yoga Camps, where you child will go on a Themed YOGAPLAY adventure around the world! $65 day | $300 week | aftercare availĀ  SIGN UP TODAY!… read more