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Pose of the Week!

    …..this week’s Pose of the Week is…… BALANCING FLOWER POSE! Welcome the new Spring season and celebrate all the goodness it brings with Flower Pose! This is a fun pose to increase balance and coordination as well as strengthen the arms, legs and tummy. The amazing yoginis from our Warriors class show us how… read more

Pose of the Week!

Zooga Yoga Pose of the Week! In honor of St. Patty’s Day we’re sailing over to Ireland in BOAT POSE! We love this pose because it’s strengthens the tummy and spine AND you can try DOUBLE BOAT POSE with a partner! Follow the directions here to try it at home: 1. Sit up straight with… read more

Meet Teacher Megan! March Teacher Spotlight

Meet Teacher Megan! March Teacher Spotlight We love our teachers and all the fun they bring to the studio so we decided to feature one of our amazing staff each month! This month we chose Megan – Full time yoga teacher and Creative Director at Zooga. We love her dedication and passion for teaching yoga… read more

Zooga Pose of the Week!

Lion Pose! This pose helps your child learn a fun breathing technique as well as relieving tension from your face and chest. 1. Kneel on the floor and press your palms on your knees – Pretend your hands are a pair of feline paws! 2. Sit up straight and take a big breath in –… read more

Zooga Pose of the Week!

AIRPLANE POSE! This pose will help your child increase concentration and balance and help strengthen their legs and torso! 1. Stand up tall with your hands together at your heart 2. Pull one leg back and straighten arms out wide 3. Lean your chest forward 4. Keep your gaze right in front of your toes… read more

Zooga Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher Training LEVEL 2 coming up ~ April 1-3, 2016!

Zooga Teacher Training- Level 2: In LEVEL 2 teacher training you will be given the tools you need to teach a full-length yoga class for kids ages 8-13 years. Anatomy and Child Development expert lecturers. You will receive a Zooga University kids’ teacher training manual and graduation certificate. You do not need to be a… read more

Zooga Yoga Pose of the Week!

Zooga Yoga Pose of the Week is……… COBRA POSE! Alice, Age 5, is showing us what she learned at Zooga Camp this week with Teacher Casey! Practice this pose at home with your little ones! It’s a great for stretching their chest, shoulders and belly muscles. It can also elevate your child’s mood and increase… read more

Zooga Yoga Presidents Day Camp

Zooga Yoga Presidents Day Camp Monday, February 15th 9am-3pm cost: $65 per child *$50/ half day (9am-12pm) Camp Leader: Heather ages: 2 1/2 – 12 years Join our super fun Zooga Camps, where you child will go with us on a themed-adventure , exploring basic yoga through a themed-play, mindfulness, breathing, socialization with other children,… read more

Post Baby Body Shop with Keya

Level 1: Sunday, February 21st from 3-5pm, and Level 2: Sunday February 28th from 3-5pm COST: $49.00 each  or Sign up for both Level 1 & Level 2 for $90.00  A mini-retreat for new moms (6 weeks – 2+years  postpartum) to refresh and renew, while learning valuable tools to reconnect with their post baby body!  … read more