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We Are Moving!

NOV. 21st-27th- Zooga Yoga on Overland Ave. will be closed for Thanksgiving week (Monday-Sunday) NOV. 28th- Zooga Yoga on Washington Blvd. will open its doors! (Monday)… read more

November Spotlight!

November’s spotlight goes to teacher Casey! She’s one of our very first Zooga teachers and loves teaching kids yoga and dance because it’s fun fitness! It allows her to explore imaginary places and find new ways to create shapes with her body! You can catch her teaching the Family Zooga and Little Flamingos classes on… read more

POTW: Firefly Pose

This week’s POTW is Firefly Pose. This pose opens the chest while strengthening the core and toning the area of the belly. Check out our Zooga teacher Nicole show off more of her yogi skills during her Buti Yoga class on Tuesday nights at 7pm! Click here to sign up! How to: Step 1. Starting in a… read more

October Spotlight of the Month!

This month’s spotlight goes to Crystal! “I love teaching children’s yoga because I have experienced how much yoga has helped me and I want to share it’s many benefits with young people.  Imagine a world where people take deep breaths to manage big feelings, understand how to be flexible, and have been learning to tap into inner… read more

Spooky Kids Nite Out!

Join us for a special Spooky Kids Nite Out this weekend! $40 per child/$35 siblings Don’t forget to wear your best Halloween costume!… read more

Red Tricycle Finalist!

We’ve done it again! Zooga Yoga is a finalist for Red Tricycle’s “Totally Awesome Award”! Make sure to vote for us in the Stellar Sports Classes Category! Click here to vote… poll closes this Friday!… read more

September Spotlight of the Month

This month we’re recognizing our Zooga employee Yuuki! She loves kids yoga because of the curiosity, courage, and passion each child brings to class. “I am so grateful to be able to work with children who love to explore and move as much as I do!” In addition to yoga, Yuuki also has movement experience… read more

POTW: Child’s Pose

This week’s POTW is Child’s Pose! Child’s pose is great for gently stretching your lower back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. It massages your internal organs, helping with digestion. Child’s pose calms the mind and central nervous system, reminding us that resting is a good a thing! Steps to Child’s Pose: Step 1: Beginning in… read more