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Level 1 Kids Teacher Training!

It’s not too late to sign up for our Level 1 Kids Teacher Training! Our Kids Teacher Training teaches a playful approach to kids’ yoga that fosters confidence, creativity and imagination. Our class adventures are taught specifically for kids, using age-appropriate games, music, props, animal poses and relaxation techniques. Click here to sign up!… read more

POTW: Horse Pose

This week’s POTW is our kids horse pose! Horse pose is great for full-body stretching, energizing and rejuvenating the nervous system and relieving stress. How to: Step 1: Begin in Tabletop pose, on hands and knees. Look down at your hands and on an exhale tuck your toes under and begin to slowly extend the… read more

Pose of the Week!

This week’s POTW is Airplane Pose! This pose improves balance & coordination, firms the belly, and strengthens leg and back muscles. Come check out our Zooga teachers practicing Airplane Pose in our Yogi Bears class on Wednesday’s @ 4 pm! How to do Airplane Pose: Step  1: Begin in Mountain Pose. Step 2: Shift your… read more