Pose of the EARTH Week!


Pose of the EARTH Week is TREE POSE!

We’re celebrating our beautiful planet this week by revisiting Tree Pose. We love this pose because it builds strength and we always have a blast practicing it in class but it’s also named after some very important things us and Earth need to survive — trees! They create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals.

FUN FACT: One large tree can supply enough oxygen for four people!

Step 1. Stand up tall like a mountain with your hands together at your heart

Step 2. Raise your right foot to either your ankle, outer shin or inner left thigh

Step 3. Straighten your arms up over your head and sway them in the wind like branches

Step 4. Try to balance as long as you can and then do it all again with your left leg!

Help Zooga celebrate Earth Day this FRIDAY APRIL 22nd 2016 by adding a flower or plant to our garden! We’ll be out front of the studio planting all day so stop by anytime. Bring at least one plant or flower and get a rainbow Zooga bracelet as a thank you from us!!