Pose of the Week!

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Downward Facing Dog!

We’ve been doing these Poses of the Week for a little while now and it just occurred to us that we haven’t done Down Dog yet! As far as yoga goes, this one’s a biggie and it’s well known throughout the world. We love it because it strengthens the entire body, lengthens the spine, and gives our legs a much needed stretch — all at the same time. It’s one of our favorites because people of all ages can do it. Sometimes the kids do it better than adults!!

Step 1. Stand tall at the back of your mat with your hands together at your heart.

Step 2. Inhale your arms up over your head and on an exhale fold forward to touch your palms down to the mat.

Step 3. Walk your feet to a comfortable distance back. Try to touch your heels to the mat but don’t worry if you can’t! It’ll come with time and practice.

Step 4. Spread your fingers and press your palms further into the mat, widen your shoulder blades across your back and keep your back legs straight. To protect your knees and lower back you’re going to want to keep a very slight micro-bend in your knees.

Step 5. Let your head hang loose and exhale out a nice long sigh. Hang out here for a bit and relax!

Step 6. [Optional] Come to child’s pose for a few moments before standing up. Inversions can sometimes make us lightheaded so an easy pose like child’s pose or savasana AFTER down dog can be helpful to avoid getting dizzy!

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