Pose of the Week!

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This week we’re focusing on gratitude and love. We chose Open Heart Pose (shown here with our Teacher Trainers partnered up!) because we want to share our appreciation for all the support we receive every single day from our clients! We couldn’t do it without your ideas, feedback and love. Open your heart this week by practicing this pose with us and tell the one you love how much they mean to you!

With A Partner:

  1. Partner 1 stands up tall with their feet together and hands resting at their sides
  2. Partner 2 stands behind them with their right foot in front and left foot in back. Stand with your right knee slightly bent and keep your legs strong.
  3. Partner 2 gently takes Partner 1’s wrists and pulls their arms back
  4. Partner 1 lets their shoulders fall down their back and inhale as they expand their chest open. Allow for a slight bend in your upper back and close your eyes.
  5. Both Partners breathe. Partner 1 should know they are being supported and loved in this pose while Partner 2 sends good intentions and love to their partner.

On Your Own:

  1. Stand up tall at the top of your mat
  2. Raise your arms up over your head. Cactus your arms by bending your elbows with your fingertips pointing to the sky
  3. Take a deep breath in and bend your upper back slightly while you exhale
  4. Open your chest for a full expansion and let your shoulders fall gently down your back
  5. Continue taking nice long breathes as you open your heart