Pose of the Week!

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This week’s Pose of the Week is DANCER POSE!

Our super amazing dance teacher, Caitlin, helped us out this week with this beautiful and graceful pose. She wants everyone to know that this pose is tricky and if you lose your balance, don’t worry! Just start over and try again!

Step 1. Stand up tall with your feet and hands together in Mountain Pose.

Step 2. Raise your left leg behind you and your arms spread at either side. Take a breath here to get used to standing on one foot.

Step 3. With your left hand, reach back and grab your left foot OR ankle. This is the tricky part so if you wobble a little don’t worry!

Step 4. Bring your right hand forward and pretend your a beautiful dancer ready for the show!

Step 5. Try it again on the other foot and keep practicing! This pose only gets better with practice.

Check out our schedule to see when Teacher Caitlin guides our little ones in Twirling Tutus (ages 2.5-5yrs) and Yoga Pop (5-8yrs)!