Pose of the Week!

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Monkey Pose!

We thought we’d get silly this week with Monkey Pose. This is a GREAT pose for building strength for the entire body. Don’t monkey around too much in this pose and you’ll also build something even more important – focus and concentration.

Step 1. Start on your knees with your arms loose at your sides.

Step 2. Place your right foot at a 90° in front of you. Make sure to keep your tailbone tucked under just a little bit to avoid crunching your lower back. You want to keep your torso long in this pose.

Step 3. Take a deep breath as you raise your arms over your head. Breathe.

Step 4. Stay focused on one point in the room as you get taller with your upper body while keeping your legs and arms strong.

Step 5. When you can’t hold it any longer let your arms swing at your sides like a monkey! Make monkey noises for more laughter and fun!

Step 6. Repeat on the other side with your left leg in front.

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