POTW: Firefly Pose


This week’s POTW is Firefly Pose. This pose opens the chest while strengthening the core and toning the area of the belly. Check out our Zooga teacher Nicole show off more of her yogi skills during her Buti Yoga class on Tuesday nights at 7pm! Click here to sign up!

How to:

Step 1. Starting in a standing forward fold with knees slightly bent and feet slightly wider than hip width, grab your right calf with your right hand and press deeply into the leg to help work your shoulder behind the calf. Repeat the same action with your left leg and shoulder.

Step 2. Wrap your forearms around the sides of your shins and place your palms on top of your feet with your fingers pointing forward.

Step 3. With hugging in toward the midline, bend your knees deeper. Place your palms on the ground behind your feet and drop your buttocks until your arms create a throne to sit on. Extend your gaze forward. Lift the feet. Keep squeezing the sides of your body with your thighs, and firm your forearms.

Step 4. Drop your seat even farther toward your wrists as you lift your lower belly and hug your thighs around your arms. Once your hips are set, work toward straightening your legs. Keep your sternum lifted, collarbones wide, and gaze forward. Shift your shoulder heads back and lift the gaze.