Kids Nite Out This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday for a fun night of yoga, games, crafts, music and a movie! Pizza, drink & snack are included, reserve your spot by clicking here!… read more

Pose of the Week: Easy Pose

This week’s POTW is Sukhasana, also knows as Easy Pose. This pose is great for stretching the hips, knees and ankles and increasing flexibility throughout the spine, shoulders and chest. Also, twisting helps stimulate and tone the abdominal organs, which helps in detoxification, boosting energy and improving overall health! Step 1: Sit on the edge… read more

Pose of the Week!

This week’s featured pose is the Parent & Me “Kiss Ups”. There are two variations of this pose, the first being a sit up with baby on legs. The second variation is a push up with arms, done on knees over baby, kissing or nuzzling your beautiful baby each time to touch faces. Check out our schedule online… read more

Pose of the Week!

This week’s Pose of the Week is Side Plank! This pose is great for strengthening the arms, belly, and legs while also stretching the wrists and back of the legs. Step 1: Bend the knee of your upper leg and hook the big toe with your upper hand. Step 2: Straighten your lifted arm and… read more

Teacher Spotlight of the Month!

This month’s teacher spotlight goes to Cassie! She loves kids yoga because the energy the kids bring and the creativity and love they let shine in her classes truly brings her happiness. She enjoys teaching kids the benefits of practicing yoga and helping them take the tools taught from inside the classroom out into the… read more

KNO This Saturday!

Join us this Saturday 08/13 for Zooga’s Kids Nite Out! There is still space left, click here to reserve your spot.… read more

Pose of the Week!

This week’s pose is Scorpion! This pose proves to be helpful in strengthening your arms, stretching and loosening the muscles of the back spine and nourishing the pituitary glands. Step 1: start in child’s pose and focus on your breath Step 2: Come onto downward dog and drop your forearms onto the floors. Step 3:… read more

Zooga Kids Nite Out!

Bring your kids to Zooga this Saturday night for Kids Nite Out! Click here to reserve your spot for a fun night of yoga, crafts, games, dinner and a movie!… read more

Pose of the Week: Modified Boat Pose

Modified Boat Pose! This week’s pose is one of the most well-known yoga poses focusing on core strength. Boat pose tones the abdominal muscles while strengthening the lower back. This pose is great for stimulating your kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands and improving balance, digestion, coordination and confidence! Step 1: Start by sitting on the… read more

Zooga Yoga Camp! We Still Have Space!

Come on an adventure with us this August at Zooga Summer Camp! Each day will be dedicated to a different country/city. Campers will earn stamps in their passport for each adventure! We still have space in BOTH weeks of camp! To sign up visit our website here.… read more