How To Tell If Dance Classes Are Right For Your Child

If you see your little one wiggling and swaying to the sound of music on the TV or radio, consider enrolling them in a children’s dance class. Dance is a fun and physical activity for kids who want to let go of the real world and exercise their body and their mind. At Zooga Yoga in Culver City, we’re proud to offer a variety of children’s dance classes for little ones from the ages of two to eight. Several studies have found that dancing can help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety among children, while bolstering and improving their self-esteem.

How Do I Know If My Child Will Enjoy Dance Classes?antoniasml

Before enrolling your child in one of our dance classes, take some time to consider your child’s individual personality and interests. Do they love to watch other people jive and shake to the beat of a drum? Are they constantly feeling moved to tap their feet and clap their hands when their favorite song comes on? If any of this is true, signing your child up for a dance class could be very beneficial and fun for them!

Physical Benefits Of Dance Classes For Kids

If you’re still unsure about signing your child up for a children’s dance class, consider the physical benefits it could have on their early childhood development. Enrolling your child in a dance class can provide them with a variety of physical benefits. Your child will quickly develop an advanced range of motion, muscle strength, balance, coordination and body awareness. Through dance classes, your child will begin to understand the possibilities of movement are endless and extremely fun to explore!

At Zooga Yoga in Culver City, we’re proud to offer a unique selection of dance classes for children up to eight years of age. Our Kid Hop dance class gives children an opportunity to dance to modern and old school hip hop jams, helping to boost their confidence in a fun and social setting. Browse our children’s dance classes online today!