Top Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child In Dance Classes

If you have young children, you may be wondering how to channel their boundless amounts of energy. While traditional team sports like soccer and T-ball are great ways to get your kids physically active, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right for your child. Dance classes are a great way to get your child moving, and at Zooga Yoga in Culver City, we’re proud to offer a variety of dance classes for children. If you’re still on the fence about enrolling your child in a dance class, consider the benefits below.

Dance Classes Can Improve Your Child’s Physical Health

Children’s dance classes offer many benefits and enrolling your child in a weekly class can help improve their overall physical health. Regular dance classes can improve your child’s range of motion, physical strength, flexibility, and range of motion. The repetitive movements in dance can also improve your child’s muscle tone, increase balance and coordination, and they can even help correct poor posture. At Zooga Yoga, we understand that every child is different, which is why we offer a plethora of dance classes for kids. Below is a list of some of our most popular children’s dance classes.

Little Flamingos Dance Class

Our Little Flamingos dance class is for little ones who can walk that are up to three years of age (accompanied by a parent). In this unique dance class, we’ll introduce your child to the basics of ballet movements with a blend yoga. Through the use of storytelling, props, and imaginative games, we strive to keep this class extra fun! Perfect for toddlers, these dance classes are only 45 minutes long.

Kid Hop-Dance Classes

If you have a child between the ages of two-and-a-half and five years, consider enrolling them in our Kid Hop-Dance classes. Your child will have a blast dancing to modern and old-school hip-hop jams with other kids their age. This class is meant to enhance your child’s memory, balance, and coordination through playful modern dance. All beginner dance levels are welcome (including adults) and this dance class is 45 minutes long.

Dance Classes Offer Socialization

Another benefit of enrolling your child in a dance class is that they’ll have an opportunity to interact with children their age. Signing up for a dance class is an excellent way to socialize your little one, where they can learn a greater sense of trust and communication.

Enroll your child in a dance class at Zooga Yoga in Culver City today!