1. No experience is necessary to take Zooga Yoga. Classes are ongoing, so join at any time!
  2. Easy to sign up.
    1.  Website
    2.  Zooga phone app or
    3. Come in to the studio. Drop-ins welcome, if space available. Pre-registration is recommended. Any questions, please call the studio.
  3. For your first class, arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the waiver form or download waiver on our waiver page.
  4. All adults will need to bring a yoga mat for adult participation classes. We provide complimentary kids mats or we have Zooga mats for sale or rent in our shop.
  5. No yoga mats needed for dance, music and sing & sign classes.
  6. Wear comfortable, loose clothing. No shoes or socks (for kids) allowed in the rooms.


how to sign up for a zooga class
smaller-elephantClick on book a class!
smaller-elephantOn class schedule, pick a class and click sign up.
smaller-elephantA box will pop up to, sign into Mindbody. If new, this is where you will create an account.
smaller-elephantIf you already have an acct. sign in. This is the same log in you use for the Zooga App.
smaller-elephantClick continue to book your class. You can also pay for your class online or wait and pay at the studio.
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