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**As our classes are ongoing, we still encourage you and your child to a weekly commitment. This creates routine and you will see and feel the best results. | Class space is based upon availability and reservations are recommended.

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We recommend reservations for all classes, as they can fill up. You can also sign you or your child up under “Advanced Registration” and sign up for recurring classes. If you sign up for TWO (2) classes back to back and cancel one under the 12 hour cancellation policy, you will be charged. Please see our cancellation policies below.
We do not offer a free trial class. We do offer a single class rate of $22, if you prefer to try a class first. (This price can be prorated into a Zoopak or membership) Adults & children are able to join classes at any time, however, we recommend that you register for all classes before attending. Classes can get full.
Cancellation Policies
(Classes/Memberships) Cancelling a yoga class requires a 12-hour notice or you may be charged a $10 late cancel fee for the class. We understand there are emergencies and unpredictable circumstances when it comes to babies and kids, so we will give you a warning before we charge you. If you are a “no show” for more than two classes, you will be charged. It is better to late cancel than being a “no show”, please.

(Kids Nite Out/Camps) Kids Nite Out and Camps are non-refundable. We will allow a credit for emergencies. We require a 48-hour notice in order to receive your credit towards another KNO/Camp/Zooga Classes. We have limited space in these events and they fill up fast. Reservations are recommended. All events are prepaid in order to guarantee your child’s spot.

(Privates/Workshops) Cancelling a private yoga session or workshop requires 48-hour notice or you will be charged full price for the class. We will allow one credit for an emergency. Private yoga classes are always available with advanced notice. Please call for an appointment.

(Birthday Parties) Canceling a birthday party forfeits the 50% deposit. No exceptions.

(Teacher Trainings) Reservations require a 50% deposit which is non-refundable or can apply towards another training.
waitlist policy
We do allow drop-ins. However, class may be full and there is an option to waitlist. Please sign up online and you will be emailed a confirmation if you get in – or if in person – check in at the front desk and wait for your name to be called. **Not a guarantee you will get in class. Five (5) minutes before class starts, we will call names in order as they appear on the wait list until we are at capacity. If you have a reservation and you are late (and have not called us), you may give up your spot to a wait-lister. Please call if you need to cancel or running late.
“No-Show” Policy
If you have an UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP, you may be charged $10 for a no-show after 2 times. If you have a ZOOPAK, one class will be deducted off your pak after 2 times. We realize that things do happen, so you we will give you a “warning” before we charge you.
Zooga Gift Cards
Give the gift of Zooga Yoga. Gift cards may be used to make purchases for classes, apparel and accessories in our Zooga Shop. It cannot be redeemed for cash. Refunds can only be provided for unused cards with the original receipt. Our gift cards never expire!
Sibling Discount
A discounted rate applies to Kids Nite Out & Camps only. This does not apply to Zoopaks, as they are family shared. This does not apply to memberships, as they are individual.
Teen/Senior Discounts
We have a special rate of $14/per student for Teen classes and special Senior classes. This does not apply to regular adult classes.
Parent/Caregiver & Me classes
Adult participation classes include both one parent and one child in price. Each child is counted as 1 class. For additional adults, there is a $5 fee.
Family Yoga Classes and Extra Family Members
Because of the limited space, Family YOGA class rates are for 2 family members only. Any family members over 2 people are $5 per person. (infants in arms are no charge)
Zoopaks- any class/any time
Zoopaks are good for any class, anytime. Good for 1 year from purchase date. Zoopaks can be shared between family members. Zoopaks are not good for KNO, workshops, parenting classes and special events.
Monthly Unlimited Memberships
Family Unlimited (max 5) includes: ALL classes Adult Unlimited includes: ALL ADULT only classes, “Parent and Me” workout classes, Pre-Post natal & Restorative classes. Kid/Family Unlimited includes: ALL KIDS yoga classes, family yoga, music, sign, dance PLUS “Parent and Me” workout classes. The DETAILS: 2 month-minimum commitment. Unlimited group Zooga classes, excluding special workshops and events. One membership per person. Starts the date of purchase. Cannot be shared with other family members (unless mommy & me class) or combined with other offers. No enrollment or cancellation fees. One freeze/hold per year for a minimum of 14 days, maximum of 3 months to allow for travel. Auto pay applied. Auto-renews automatically until a written or verbal notice. 14 day written notice to cancel membership. For additional adults, there is a $5 fee, per person. Reservations recommended. Please note: You are not guaranteed a spot if you have a membership.
New Client Specials
The new client specials are good for 30 days – unlimited classes (adult and child classes/*1 membership per person). This offer is valid for anyone who has never been to Zooga Yoga or hasn’t been to class in 6 months. Only one Intro Offer available per new client, so choose the option that works best for you cost wise. Reservations are still recommended if you have a new client special. **For additional adults, there is a $5 fee, per person.
Refund Policy
All Zoopaks, Memberships, Kids Nite Out events, Camps, Birthdays and Workshops are non-refundable and expiration dates are firm. We do offer prorate options, if you want to upgrade you drop-in class or Zoopak. *Refunds not eligible for New Customer Specials. Final sale on all discounted retail merchandise, books, DVDs, CDs & yoga mats. Studio credit only on unused, unworn merchandise within 14 days of purchase. Studio credit available for canceling workshops, kids nite outs and camps 24 hours in advance.
Are parents/caregivers allowed to participate?
We welcome and encourage adult participation in all baby/kids classes that notes “with adult”. For kids’ only classes, we leave the level of participation to your discretion. You know your child best! Some children do better with a caregiver around; some fare better when they are left to try new activities alone. We do ask, however, that your participation not disrupt the flow of the class. Adult participation classes include both one parent and one child in price. MINORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED IN LOBBY (Includes siblings not attending class)
Is there a minimum enrollment to hold a class?
One of the great things about yoga is that it’s a practice that can be thoroughly enjoyed with a small group. The minimum enrollment number for classes is 2.
Is there a maximum per class?
Although we love to accept walk-ins, we do always recommend a reservation. The maximum for adult classes is 12. Kids Yoga & Dance classes is 12 and Family and music classes is 18. If you make a reservation, but running late, please let us know, otherwise you may lose your spot!
What style of Kids Yoga does Zooga teach?
We teach our own Zooga ® signature kids yoga and dance classes. Zooga Yoga is a fun, dynamic active brand of kids yoga and dance. Zooga offers a one-of-a-curriculum that is unlike a typical adult yoga class. The structure of a traditional yoga class is maintained, but we incorporate our unique YogaPlay®, creative movements, props, kid-friendly music and other interactive games and exercises into the class. We translate the practice of yoga into a language that children can understand and enjoy, well maintaining our core principles of fitness and fun, bringing a unique brand of family togetherness that will keep you coming back week after week. We also offer specialty classes like Baby Sign, Kickboxing and Music Yoga classes, Bring you a wide range of classes to use with your Zooga membership! For adults, we have Parent fitness with baby classes, Pre/Post Natal, Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Yoga/Pilates Blend and Buti® classes.
What do I wear and bring to a yoga class?
Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. No shoes or socks are worn in class. A yoga mat is needed for class and small towel is handy. We have complimentary water and tea available. Yoga mats are required for all classes, except Dance, Music and Sing & Sign classes.
What if I don’t have a yoga mat?
We have rental mats available for $2.00 each or great Zooga yoga mats for sale in our shop. We clean our rental mats after each use with non-toxic, all natural products.
Waivers are required for all classes, per family/adult. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class, to give yourself enough time to check in and fill out our waiver. Or you can download a waiver on our website under schedules or classes tabs.
Sick Policy
We believe that a healthy child is a happier yogi, so we ask that children be kept home if not feeling well. For the well being of other children and staff, if a child has signs of any of the following they should not come to yoga: fever, runny nose (thick yellow or green discharge), cough, ear ache, contagious rash, sore throat, red/pink or watery eyes, lice, impetigo, upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, communicable diseases (chicken pox, measles, roseola, ring worm, scarlet fever). A child should be symptom free for 24 hours, and must be fever and diarrhea free for 24 hours before he/she returns, please.
I’d like to bring Zooga to my child’s birthday party, school, camp or event. Whom do I contact?
Schools, preschools, events and camps around Los Angeles are signing up to bring yoga to classrooms, after-school programs, summer camps and events. If you’d like to bring Zooga to your child’s school, tell us more about it by calling or emailing us at schools@zoogayoga.com. We also do mobile birthday parties! *Zooga reserves the right to combine or cancel classes. *There is a $40 charge for returned checks.