Kids’ Teacher Trainings

teachertraining-orange-borderAre you passionate about working with kids?
Do you want to learn an engaging and creative way to introduce children to the joys of yoga?
Join us for our amazing weekend kids’ teacher training course that will impact the world!

PTs – OTs – Montessori Teachers – P.E. Teachers – Psychologists – Yoga Teachers – Dance Teachers – Speech Therapists – Parents -Grandparents – Nurses – Babysitters – Camp Counselors – and more!

Zooga Yoga Kids’ Teacher Training teaches a playful approach to kids’ yoga that fosters confidence, creativity and imagination. Our class adventures are taught specifically for kids, using age-appropriate games, music, props, animal poses and relaxation techniques.


teacher training complementary materials:

Zooga Yoga Kids’ Teacher Training Manual


3 Days | Fridays 6p-9p, Saturdays 9:30a-5p, Sundays 10a-6p | times may vary


Level 1 OR 2 | $450
Early Bird Special- Level 1 OR 2 | $400
Bring a Friend Special– Level 1 OR 2 | $375
**The Early Bird cut-off date is one month PRIOR to the scheduled training date. To qualify for the Bring a Friend Special BOTH friends must sign up together.


A “Certificate of Completion” will be presented at the end of the training or be mailed to you.



Training Registration Policies:

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to registering for a training.
A minimum number of registrations must be made in order for the training/event to take place. The minimum is typically 10, but may vary.

Attention New Trainees:

  • The trainings can be taken non-consecutively.
  • No prior experience necessary. All are welcome.
  • A minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot.
  • Advanced registration required.


LEVEL 1 | December 2-4, 2017


Zooga Yoga Level 1 Kids’ Teacher Training will give you the tools you need to teach a full length yoga class for ages 1-8!
Our Zooga Yoga Kids’ Training includes…
  • A Pose index of over 100 yoga poses with instructions for different ages
  • Fun and educational Yoga Games for yogis of different ages
  • Sample class outlines
  • How to tell a story with yoga poses
  • Breathing exercises appropriate for children
  • Calming and meditation techniques
  • How to use music and props in class
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Partner Yoga
  • Teaching in various environments
  • Introducing kids to Yogic Philosophy
  • Developmental milestones and lecture with specialist
  • Introduction to Anatomy and keeping your students safe
  • Demo in front of Zooga Yoga owner(s) for teacher consideration at the franchise



LEVEL 2 | June 9-11, 2017

Zooga Yoga Level 2 Kids’ Teacher Training will give you the tools you need to teach a full length yoga class for ages 8-12!

Our Zooga Yoga Kids’ Training includes…
  • Childhood Development of Young Adolescents (including: skeletal and muscular, hormonal, and cognitive changes)
  • In depth breakdown and practice of how to instruct Sun Salutations and more advanced poses
  • How to communicate effectively, and connect with your students
  • Creating a Safe & Welcoming Classroom Yoga Philosophy in the Classroom (the Yamas and Niyamas)
  • Class Composition: how to plan an engaging class for young adolescents
  • Age appropriate games & activities
  • Group and Partner Poses Pranayama: Breathing Techniques
  • Child Development and Wellness Expert Lecturer
  • Yoga Class observation
  • Practice live demos with group
  • Meditation for Middle Schoolers
  • Pose index with over 60 poses in English & in Sanskrit



Teacher Testimonials:

“Zooga Yoga Kids’ Teacher Training provided an in-depth understanding of just what it takes to teach a child’s yoga class. Reviewing poses, child psychology, lesson plans and creative ways to interact with your classes. Each of our sessions were taught by certified instructors with real-life experience and we even had a session with a licensed clinical psychologist. While I’m still a little nervous about teaching the little ones (just because they’re little and I haven’t done it before), I do feel confident in my techniques and the training I received from Zooga Yoga Kids Teacher Training.”

– Lauren Nicole Keys, Level 1 graduate of Zooga Yoga Kids Teacher Training

“I felt the training was extremely organized and thorough. Great balance between lecture and hands on and breaks  It was such a positive and comfortable learning environment and I felt supported the whole way through.”

– Janet Song, Level 1 graduate of Zooga Yoga Teacher Training

“Coming from a left-brained career and not teaching children, I feel as if Zooga opened my eyes to a whole other side of me that can only benefit me more as a parent and future kids yoga teacher. It has reminded me to share my youthful vibrant energy more with adults and not just children.”

– Level 1 graduate of Zooga Yoga Kids Teacher Training