button-4We are always looking for new yoga, music, dance, martial arts, messy arts teachers, as well as front desk team members, to join our team. Please send a resume and cover letter to employment@zoogayoga.com. We will contact you if you are invited to interview with us. If you don’t hear from us, we will keep your resume on file for 6 months. Please do not call or stop by the studio for employment opportunities, unless we contact you first.

Thank you! – Management, Zooga Yoga, Culver City



Deliver programming that develops kids physically, emotionally and mentally and teaches the joy of physical activity and EDUtainment.

Instructor Goals

As an Zooga Yoga instructor, you get the opportunity to influence and develop young bodies and minds. It is a fun and rewarding job. We also offer kids yoga trainings to all of our teachers and staff at a special rate.

At Zooga, we believe that: “Our teachers are the heart and soul of Zooga” – Antonia, founder

The following are Zooga Yoga instructor’s goals:

  • Develop student motor and physical skills
  • Create a fun, experience that fosters a love of yoga, dance, art and music and more!
  • Build self esteem in each and every child
  • Teach and reinforce social skills

Job Description

Teaching – Using your teaching background and experience, the instructor will direct small classes, varying from kids ages 6 weeks to 18 years old. You are in charge of leading the class with teaching, instructing and doing different activities based on the specific class that you are teaching.

Sales and Customer Service – Zooga Yoga depends entirely upon customer satisfaction to survive. As a staff member or instructor, you play a pivotal role in both the student and parent customer experience. The goal is to establish a positive relationship with each and every parent. Staff and instructors are expected to be knowledgeable on all the programs offered at Zooga.

Class Set Up – As an instructor, you are responsible for setting up your classroom and props that you will be using in class before start time. Being prompt, prepared and having your music and props ready are key elements to teaching kids successfully. If using studio equipment, all needs to be properly returned to their place and sanitize props for the next instructors use.

Class Management – Instructors are responsible for learning the kids names and knowing the final number of kids that attended class.

Independent Contractor- Specialty Instructors that do not teach yoga are hired as Independent contractors, in which you are responsible for making your own curriculum, bringing your own music and props and making your own schedule, pending availability.

Desired Attributes for Instructors

  • Love kids
  • Sincere desire to work with young kids
  • Understand the objectives of the class
  • Ability to motivate and engage kids in activities
  • Ability to give good clear explanation of activities
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • Desire to make kids smile and laugh
  • Patience
  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Recognize and appreciate individual differences in kids
  • Willing to reinforce appropriate values
  • Always willing to learn

Instructing kids at Zooga Yoga is a well paying, rewarding and fun job. If you have a desire and think you would like to apply, please Apply Now!