How do I sign up for a class?

At Zooga, we have two ways to sign up for a class. 1) You can sign up online HERE or 2) download the Zooga Yoga Phone App and sign up for easy access. We do not always get back to our messages right away, so it’s best to make reservations online or on the app to guarantee your spot. Of course, if you have questions, please call us! Reservations required for all classes, including memberships.

*FOR MORE THAN ONE RESERVATION, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR EACH CHILD ONLINE (**if on the ZOOGA APP, please email us and we will add siblings).

What should I bring?

If taking an ADULT or PARENT & ME fitness class, please bring a yoga mat for yourself. Adult mats are available to rent for $2. Kids mats are free. (Mats are not required for dance and music classes)

Is there parking?

YES! We have parking off TILDEN AVE in the parking garage or plenty of street parking. Please be mindful of reserved spaces and street signs.

How early should I arrive?

For your first visit, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before the class to get settled and fill out a waiver if needed.

Does Zooga offer a free trial class?

We do not offer a free trial class. We do offer a single class drop in rate, if you prefer to try a class first. We can always upgrade your drop in class to a Zoopak or Membership. We also offer a GREAT NEW CLIENT SPECIAL offer.

Can I drop in for a class?

You may drop in for any class by purchasing our drop in options for one or two children. Our drop in includes a complimentary yoga mat and ONE adult per child. One adult can bring two children, but each child needs a pass. Our classes fill up and we cannot guarantee a spot, so reservations are required. Upgrades available to Zoopaks or Memberships. Ask us how.

Do newborns/infant siblings cost?

Every child, ages 6 weeks and up, need to have a pass to attend classes. If a child is in the studio room, they count. We start our classes at 6 weeks old and focus certain classes specifically for infants. NEWBORNS under 6 weeks old will not be charged for classes. Once your child is 6 weeks old, you will be responsible for paying for them in all classes. Exception: For our Zooga Family “Yoga” classes only, babes in arms will not be charged for class.

Can I drop my child off for a class?

No. If the class is child only, or parent optional, we ask that you stay at the studio until class is cover. If you need to run to your car, or leave the studio for any reason, please let the front desk know and leave your phone number. Although we encourage children to take classes without their parents, it is still the parents responsibility to be at the studio for potty breaks or any other issues that may arise.

Can I drop my child off for camp and kids nite out events?

Yes. Both camps and kids night out are children only, and parents must sign their child in and out at drop off and pick up. We ask that parents leave right after drop off, to make an easier transition for the child. We do ask that you stay no longer that 10 minutes at drop off please.

Can I bring extra adults?

Yes, you can. If we have space, we can invite more than one adult per child into classes. Please note there is a $5/per adult fee for any additional adult due to limited space. A PLUS ONE adult is included with each child.

Do you offer sessions?

All of our classes are ongoing, so your favorite classes will most likely be around for a long time. You can enroll at anytime and do not need to worry about make-ups.

How early should I make a reservation?

We recommend making a reservation about 4-5 days in advance, as classes do fill up. You can also sign up for classes in advance under “advanced registration” and manage in your account under schedule. For camps, we recommend a minimum of 2 -3 weeks before the start date.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

To early cancel your Zooga class reservation, cancel 1 hour BEFORE class begins to avoid any fees. You can log into your App or online and go to your schedule/classes to cancel. When you de-register for a class during the cancellation window, your pass will automatically go back into your account. If you cancel after class starts or you just don’t show up, you will be marked as a no show and forfeit a pass from your Zoopak or Drop In or charged a late cancel fee after 3 no shows on new client specials and memberships. It is better to late cancel “de-register your reservation” than to be a no-show, so we can let in clients from the waitlist. For Camp and Kids Nite Out, we require a 72 hour cancellation and you will receive (1) one credit for 1 day of emergency absence with an approved, excused note from doctor. Please call or email us if you need assistance.

I am running late for a class, what do I do?

Please give us a call 310-839-6642 or email us at to let us know you are running late. We will save your spot in class. If you have a reservation and you are late, and have not called us, you may lose your spot to a client on the waitlist. We cannot hold your spot 10 minutes after class has begun.

How does the waitlist work?

There is often a good chance if you sign up on the waitlist that you will make it into a class. If you signed up onto the waitlist online or on the app, and we add you to class, will receive an auto email confirmation and/or text if you OPT IN to these in your profile. If you need to know if you made it into class, and it’s getting close to class time, you can always call us or email us to check your status! If you are at the studio and on the waitlist, ten (10) minutes AFTER class starts, we will call names in order as they appear on the waitlist until we are at capacity. If you miss your notification, you will not be charged for that class.

Can I get a refund?

We are a small business and cannot offer refunds.

Our “Om” is your Home:

Zooga prides itself on it’s cleanliness! We disinfect the toys every night, floors are thoroughly cleaned nightly, and swept throughout the day – and we are continuously disinfecting all surfaces, toys and props throughout the day and after use. We launder all washable items at the studio – i.e. blankets, scarves, puppets and more! We have our kids here all the time… we want it to be as germ free as possible for our kids as well as yours! Please see our HEALTHY BABY PLAN below – also posted in the studio.