our brand promise


Our Brand Promise:

To inspire fun and fitness every day. We do fitness fun!

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire fun and promote fitness to kids and families through yoga and much, much more. Zooga is a multifaceted mind-body fitness studio catering primarily to children ages 0 to 18. Created and perfected at our flagship location in Culver City, California, our approach is completely unique! “Our Om is your home”. Find us in a city near you soon.

Our Core Values:


Promote Health Through Happiness

The most important thing Zooga does is encourage happiness and well being. This philosophy is not just meant for our classes, it permeates with every aspect of the company, from the attitude of the staff, to the classes we offer, to the atmosphere in our studios. While yoga is our commodity, happiness is our product.


Give Them a Story To Tell

Do something that makes a special memory for our students and clients. Try to elicit an emotional reaction. A smile can be delivered in a million small ways; a great class, some extra attention, holding baby while mom or dad run to the bathroom. Those are the kinds of things people are sure to share with others that help build our story and define who we are.


Take the initiative to innovate

Welcome new challenges and look for new solutions. Don’t wait to find the next great idea, create it. Try bringing new and interesting things to our clients. Zooga is branded on being innovative.


Be The Change

We intend to change not just lives, but our communities for the better. Embody that spirit and take it with you wherever you go. Members of the Zooga family create positive change, not only at Zooga, but in our families, schools, communities, local governments…everywhere we go.


Engage in Personal Growth

Keep learning. Continued education is important for both teachers and owners. Keeping our classes and business fresh helps create customer loyalty.


Encourage Communication

All the best ideas do not come from the top. Don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts or to listen to someone who has an idea. Zooga, like life, is a team effort. Be open to each other, talk to each other, have fun, our success depends on it.


Everyone Wins

In our non-competitive environment, we create a safe place for all kids to explore, move and learn. Positive reinforcement is the key to kids’ health and happiness. While we admire and strive for learning and advancement, the victory is in the journey, not the destination. Make sure when given the proper encouragement and feedback, they feel great about their Zooga experience.


Create Community

We offer a space for like-minded families, to gather, play, sing and make life-long friendships. Create a warm, social environment where clients are encouraged to mingle and bond. We love our cOMmunity!



The proven benefits of yoga are endless. Instilling these values in our students in a fun, healthy way is our mission. Zooga owners, managers, and teachers share this passion. Life is too short to not being doing what you love to do.



We appreciate our clients and everyone that walks through the door gets a smile and equal attention. Know our clients. We want to be the best part of our clients day!