Kids yoga

Kids Nite Out – this Saturday!

Kids Night Out is here! This Saturday drop your kids off for a night of yoga, play, games and a movie! Included pizza, snack and a drink. saturday, july 29 | 5-10pm cost: $40/ $35 addtl sibling discount Come join the fun!!!  … read more

How Yoga Can Help Kids With ADHD

If your child has a neurobehavioral disorder such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), enrolling them in a yoga class is a great way to help them control their impulses. At Zooga Yoga in Culver City, we’ve helped hundreds of children and teens gain control of their mood and anxiety through our wide range of… read more

Teacher Training & Employment

We offer great Kids Teacher Trainings! Ask us how to reserve a spot for our next Level 1 training Feb. 6-8th. We are now hiring great kids and adult yoga, music and dance teachers. We are also looking for GREAT desk assistants.… read more

Zooga Yoga. A magical place!

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Our boutique studio offers a variety of classes for babies, kids, teens, families, expecting moms and adults.… read more